About Us

Appledusk is an online lifestyle brand created to help you the individual along your physical, mental and economic journeys.


Our core vision is to inform and educate through a range of products in the form of ebooks, online courses, informational and motivational literature and other media, so as to enable everyone to be their best selves. We at Appledusk believe you can be better than who you are presently and you can experience a better life than you are right now. This belief sponsored our vision and drive which has made us come up with some programs for you focusing on the followings:

Emotional Health

The majority of humans will suffer from a degree of depression or low moods at some stage in their lives. Therefore it is important for you to protect your psychological status so as to be able to put up with the demands and pressure of modern life. It is important to understand how to handle these episodes and build solid defences for the future. Appledusk products can help you understand how to:

  • Build emotional resilience
  • Break negative thought patterns
  • Create Emotional Intelligence
  • Change 'poor' habits

Physical health

Emotional health can impact negatively on physical health, and poor physical health will also play a part in your emotional stability. Our various lifestyle products will inspire you into working to achieve better physical health by learning how to exercise 'your way'.
So whether you want to

  • Run
  • Skip
  • Hop
  • Jump
  • Swim
  • Cycle

Or try another form of physical exercise, the choice is yours to take control.


How do you eat more healthily in a period of food excess? How do you protect both your outer appearance and your inner body health? How does what you eat impact on your physical well-being but also your mental state. We can help you understand how to:

  • Avoid high calorific foods
  • Combine diet and exercise
  • Eat more of what is good
  • Be observant and mindful of what you eat

Financial Health/Physical Products

Appledusk Lifestyle will be bringing you a range of health and fitness related products that will educate in financial literacy. Such as ‘keeping fit’ accessories and products

We care about you here at Appledusk lifestyle, and that is why we have all these packages in place to meet your needs and ensure “you be your very BEST.”

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