Summer Stir Fry-Pak Choi with Thai-style Fish

Pak choi, also known as bok choy or Chinese cabbage, is a versatile vegetable that deserves a place on anyone’s menu.  Add it to any  summer stir fry to make the dish come alive.  It belongs to the group known as cruciferous vegetables, so it provides essential insoluble fibre as well as plenty of vitamins. It is…

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Why health and wellbeing is important for the over 40’s

I’m 42 and I’ve never been more aware of my health and well-being than I have been since I hit 40. I don’t think 40 is old, nor was I bothered about hitting the big 4-0, but I am aware that a combination of factors means that looking after your health as you hit 40…

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Mental Tips and Strategies for Marathon Runners

Dr Carla Meijen, Lecturer in Sport Psychology at the University of Kent, has introduced the first psyching team – a team who offer help and support with practical mental strategies before, during and after long distance running events, to the UK. As a number of spring marathons are fast approaching, I decided to share some…

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Tips On Food Before And After A Workout

More often we ignore to take note of the right food to eat before and after our workout. One reason is that we are focused so much on the workout itself that we overlook the basic especially the kind of food we need to take in. Each has his or her own workout regimen. It…

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Fitness trends for 2017

The year 2017 has begun and just like every year hitherto, a search and discussion is on as to what will be the fitness trends for the year.. Many schools of thought have come up with their own lists of the fitness trends for 2017 and it would be anybody’s guess as to which ones…

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