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Get Up, Get Fit: A fitness tip for all ebook: that looks at working out from a different direction. It exposes you to the fact that working out is not just about hitting the gym and exercising. It is about finding your inner self and being the best that you can be. It also explains how Attitude, Diet and Exercise are the threefold experience that must be understood to get you in shape.

This book focuses on two keys that will not only help you look better physically but also feel better than you have ever felt before. The first key discussed is ‘Diet and Exercise- and the second is ‘Working out-get proactive’. The first discussion is focused on explaining the importance of Diet to improving your shape and not just focusing on exercise alone; as there is a need to couple exercise with good eating habits to get results. It expands on diets that can help you build muscle, lose weight, improve your overall health and look better..

The second section focus on explaining how to get proactive and find out what working out routine will work best for you. The different ways to do this working out are discussed in this section of the book and the different routine that best work for personal fitness training, for athletes, and keeping fit during pregnancy are all discussed. It also shows the importance of setting your personal goals and then deciding on the exercises you will need to do to achieve them.

We invite you to challenge yourself to become the person you are meant to be. Now are you ready to take yourself to a whole new level?

To be more detailed, here's what you'll learn through this E-book.

Inside "Get Up Get Fit", You'll Discover...

PART ONE: Food And Diet

  • The True Keys To Ultimate Health And Body! - There are 3 keys to keeping the body and health fit. Understand the importance and balance these 3 elements so that you can achieve better health!
  • How To Control Your Diet And Eliminate Your Bad Eating Habits! - In this part of the book, you'll learn what kind of food to avoid (and why) as well as what food you should replenish with. The information provided is not just a rumor, they are facts based on solid grounds and promise to improve your health and reduce unnecessary weight!
  • Types Of Dietary Supplements And Herbs For Your Body And Health! - This detailed list will help you decide what type of supplements and herbs works best for your physical condition and goals.
  • The Effectiveness Of Low Carb Diets And How You Can Make It Work For You, Successfully! - You will learn how to lose weight effectively and at the same time, maintain your body the way you want it to be! 

PART TWO: Working Out - Get Pro-Active!

  • Advices On Training Programmes! - Is it necessary to spend money to join training programmes? Read this chapter to uncover what training programmes generally has to offer and decide if they can meet up to your expectation. 
  • How To Create A Routine And Stick To It! - If you decided you don't need a trainer, this chapter is a must-read! Because as much as anyone promises to exercise every morning and evening, they will at least miss out 2 (or more) sessions a week. So in this chapter, you'll learn how to be disciplined and self-motivated to exercise with a fixed routine.
  • Natural And Light Exercises That Are Good Enough To Build Excellent Physiques! - These exercises will improve your joints and flexibility without requiring a whole horse-powered energy. You exercise to relax and feel good, not strain yourself!
  • How To Keep Fit With Basic Yoga Exercises! - You'll learn 7 different position art that will improve your health in various aspects!
  • ... Many More!

Question - Can This E-book Solve Your Problems?

  • Problem #1: You have no time to workout in the gym.

    Solution from the E-book: You'll learn whether the gym can give you the results you want and how effective it is. Otherwise, you can follow the guide that teaches you various yet simple methods to working out at home -- effectively. That means you cut down time of traveling and money too!

  • Problem #2: All your effort in working out to lose weight leaded to no avail.

    Solution from E-book: You'll learn which exercise method TRULY works for you and how to consistently work out to burn off those pounds.

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We wish you all the best in pursuing that dream body and health of yours!

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The Appledusk Team

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